The Project

The project aims to undertake world class research on ecosystem services (ES) for poverty alleviation at the forest-agricultural interface, integrating and developing cutting edge modelling and risk management tools to address three themes: (i) drivers, pressures and linkages between food security, nutritional health and ES; (ii) crises and tipping points: past, present and future interactions between food insecurity and ES at the forest-agricultural interface; and (iii) the science-policy interface: how can we manage ES to reduce food insecurity and increase nutritional health?

The project will deliver evidence from a range of sources and in various formats to inform policy and behaviour which will make a difference to the lives of 2 million poor people living in our case-study regions in Malawi and Colombia, and potentially up to 550 million people living in similar environments around the world.

The main partners involved in our consortium are the Universities of Southampton and Dundee, Conservation International, the Basque Centre for Climate Change, the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Chancellor College Malawi, Rhodes University, Worldfish and LEAD Africa.

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