The center

The Basque Centre for Climate Change is one of the ASSETS  partners which was involved in the development of ARtificial Intelligence for Ecosystem Services – ARIES. The benefit of ARIES will be used in the course of the ASSETS project.

The Team

Professor Ferdinando Villa
Basque Centre for Climate Change
Ikerbasque Research Professor
Ferdinando Villa holds a Ph.D. in theoretical Ecology and had a long parallel career as a scientific software designer and engineer. After working in many fields of Ecology, from theoretical island biogeography to spatially-explicit decision analysis, he discovered the joys and pains of interdisciplinary research during a 14-year career in ecological economics at the universities of Maryland and Vermont. He still finds it a challenge (and a responsibility) to maintain scientific depth unaltered in face of the greatly increased breadth. He has since expanded the focus of his research to the interface of policy, ecology and economics, concentrating on artificial intelligence approaches to assist environmental decision making and natural system assessment and valuation.

Dr Elena Pérez-Miñana
Basque Centre for Climate Change
Postdoctoral researcher
Elena is a research fellow working at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) in Bilbao, Spain. Previously, she was involved in research on the application of Bayesian Belief Networks for estimating, at Farm level, the GHG emissions produced by the UK Agriculture sector (BaNGAS).  The KTA project was run by the department of Computing at the University of Surrey. She joined the BaNGAS project after spending a number of years both in Industry and Academia. In the Telecommunications and Electronics sector, she carried out research applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve the software development process embedded in electronic products. In Academia she lectured mainly in Data Processing, and carried out research in Knowledge based systems. She holds undergraduate qualifications in Computer Science Engineering, and post-graduate qualifications in IT, Environmental & Energy Studies, and Artificial Intelligence.


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