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Sustainable development must be doughnut-shaped

By James Dyke, University of Southampton; John Dearing, University of Southampton, and Peter Langdon, University of Southampton Is it possible for humans to fulfil their needs without also destroying the environment? It’s a question we need to find an answer to soon, as the world’s poorer regions demand the same perks that come with development. […]

Nutritious Food for All in a Changing World

“Nutritious Food for All in a Changing World” is the title of an article in Cell (Volume 157, Issue 7, 19 June 2014, Pages 1493, 1495) which presents ASSETS work as an important and new approach towards the fight against hunger. The author Susanne Brink refers to the paper “Achieving food and environmental security: new […]

ASSETS in the journal “Agricultura de las Américas”

In it’s December 2012 edition the journal “Agricultura de las Américas” published an article on the Colombian-British cooperation. “Agricultura las América” was published in Colombia since 1969 and is a well regarded magazine in South America. The article El Reino Unido y Colombia trabajan por el bienestar socioambiental (pdf, 1.7 mb) provides an insight on […]

ASSETS researcher Malcolm Hudson reports in the ESPA newsletter

The original article can be found in the ESPA October 2012 Newsletter: Multidisciplinary Research on Forest Ecosystem Services, Food Security and Health starts in Malawi By Dr Malcolm Hudson, University of Southampton The ESPA ASSETS (Attaining Sustainable Services from Ecosystems Through Trade-off Scenarios) consortium  (funded by ESPA Consortium Grant EE112/ K1396905 or NE/J002267/1) met for […]

ESPA Director Paul van Gardingen visits ASSETS researcher in Colombia

ESPA Director Paul van Gardingen visited our consortium researcher in Colombia. He had a chance to talk to the colleagues at CIAT and CIPAV to get a clear impression of the planned research. As we understand the article he quite liked what he heard and saw. Please read his article in the ESPA blog and […]

Refering to ASSETS press release

University of Dundee: Dundee researchers to take part in poverty alleviation schemes around the world Alpha Galileo Foundation: Southampton researchers lead two international projects to help people out of poverty First Science News: Southampton researchers lead 2 international projects to help people out of poverty EurekAlert: Southampton researchers lead 2 international projects to help people […]

University Success no.48 – Safeguarding global food supplies

In the context of the 60th anniversary of the University of Southampton the universities efforts to safeguard global food supplies are stressed in “Success no.48“. It is refered to the planned project work and there is a link to the ASSETS website: Factors such as climate change, population growth and a changing diet are posing […]

Southampton researchers lead two international projects to help people out of poverty around the world

Southampton University launched a news release today covering the universities success in bidding for funds of the £40.5m Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) programme. ASSETS is one of the three highlighted projects: Have a look at the news release (Ref: 12/65 – 19 April 2012).

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