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The Hidden Spirit of the “ruined Maloca”

Authors: Jenny Alexandra Angarita-Báez & Carolina Díaz-Jaramillo Our experience in La Pedrera in the Colombian Amazon is of two worlds, one of human settlements labouring day and night on a land which constitutes their main source of subsistence, the other a magical world from which the voices of the communities’ dead ancestors, once honourable members […]

Reminiscing on my childhood days

LOS POLLITOS DICEN…. Los pollitos dicen, pío, pío, pío, cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frío. La gallina busca el maíz y el trigo, les da la comida y les da abrigo. Bajo sus dos alas se están quitecitos, y hasta el otro día duermen calentitos Those members of the ASSETS team who took part in the project workshop in Peru between […]

ASSETS Management Team visiting Peru

The ASSETS management team meet in Peru from the 28th April to 3rd May 2014. Monday and Tuesday were filled with exciting and interesting meeting with policy makers, scientists and development experts in Lima. On Wednesday our researchers met with various officials in Pucallpa, the base of our peruvian partner organisation IIAP. The next day […]

New IIAP-CIAT agreement seeks to save the benefits of nature for food security and nutritional health

Por: Adriana Varón y Gisella Cruz-García, Perú Find the original post at the CIAT-dapa blog or read the English google translation of the post. Juana tiene claro que cuando de “limpiar el estómago” a sus dos hijos se trata, solo acude a la leche que da la corteza del ojé y listo. Y para cuando ella […]

Charcoal: The reality. How much can you learn from a book?

by Harriet Smith, University of Southampton PhD Student Since starting my PhD in January, I have spent the past 6 months reading endless books and journal articles on anything and everything related to Malawi and charcoal. I knew that reading would only take me so far in learning about a country, in the ways that people […]

Assessing the cultural values of land uses in Malawi: An ecosystem services approach

by Sophie Van Eetvelt, undergraduate student (Master of Environmental Science), Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. I’m just about to start the fourth and final year of a Master of Environmental Science in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. I’ve chosen the sustainable management pathway and enjoy the breadth of topics that my degree […]

Ecosystem services and food security: a new line of investigation

Ecosystem services offer material and non-material benefits. These services are in four broad categories including that of provisioning (such as food and water), regulating (such as in the control of climate), supporting (such as crop pollination) and culturally important support services. These benefits, possessing not only monetary but also major non-monetary values, are reflected in […]

Cockerels, Elephants and Baobab trees

by Amy Nicholass, University of Southampton Master Student My experience of Malawi is of two landscapes, the human settled areas and the wilder Liwonde National Park, protected from human encroachment. The contrasts are evident across all the sights and sounds. Cockerels seem to me to be abundant in southern Malawi.  The ‘cockadoodledo’ is frequently heard throughout […]

Participatory Rural Appraisals – the reality

by Oriole Wagstaff, University of Southampton Master Student After hours of training, and planning methods, there was still a level of uncertainty about how exactly the Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) would unfold within the Malawian villages. The drive through the first village, like much of Malawi, was not only amidst beautiful landscapes but filled with hard […]

Then and now, here and there

by Jessica Weyell, University of Southampton Master Student Seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Malawi as a part of the charity, Malawi Education Link, set up by Caroline Hansford. Caroline was a teacher at my school (Hinchingbrooke Secondary School), who took a team of students to Malawi annually. The aim of our trip […]

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