2013: DAPA looks forward to fruitful cooperation with Colombia’s Amazon authorities

On December 20, Carolina Navarrete Frías, DAPA’s (Decision and Policy Analysis at CIAT,  Colombia) coordinator, travelled to Colombia’s Amazon department to meet with the departmental governor and two of his advisers. The aim was to present a project named Attaining Sustainable Services from Ecosystems through trade-off Scenarios (ASSETS) and link it with the government’s activities.

The ASSETS project, funded by Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA), aims to quantify the linkages between ecosystem services that affect – and are affected by – food security and nutritional health for the rural poor at the point where forests and farming meet – known as the forestry-agriculture interface. It focuses on Malawi and Colombia, two countries that share some common characteristics: they are both subject to climate change and deforestation and face problems of extreme poverty, inequality and malnutrition.

The focus area of the project in Colombia is the upper and lower Caquetá (Caquetá and Amazonía departments). The target group includes ten indigenous and two non-indigenous communities, and comprises approximately 270 to 280 households. These communities practice slash-and-burn agriculture, hunting and fishing, in addition to collecting certain types of fruits from the forest. Commercial hunting and fishing is an activity that has been growing in the region.

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