Best of ASSETS Malawi photographs

At the Life Sciences Institute at Southampton University there is a little internal photo contest coming up. Photos should reflect the work of the researchers. Please leave a comment which of the photographs does tell a (research) story to you and which ones you just like for their beauty.

Photo 1:
PRA/PGIS in action
(c)Miroslav Honzak
Photo 2:
I need to fix my roof
(c)Miroslav Honzak
Photo 3:
Please buy my beans
(c)Miroslav Honzak
Photo 4:
Let’s play in the forest
(c)Miroslav Honzak
Photo 5:
Researcher on-site
(c)Simon Willcock

Photo 6:
Working for a better future
(c)Simon Willcock

Photo 7:
Experience goes into PRA
(c)Simon Willcock

Photo 8:
Mother and son
(c)Simon Willcock

Photo 9:
Minama – (c)Simon

Photo 10:
Women working on PRA sheet
(c)Simon Willcock

Photo 11:
Food insecurity
(c)Miriam Joshua

Photo 12:
PRA result
(c)Miriam Joshua


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