ASSETS Launch workshop, May 2012 in Southampton

The overall goal of this first major project workshop was to reconfirm and refine the common vision/understanding of all project partners of what the ASSETS project is aiming to achieve and how the various components of the project fit together in detail.

The ASSETS consortium partners from Malawi, Colombia, Spain, the UK and the US met from May 21st to 23rd at the University of Southampton in order to plan for the take-off phase of the project. In various plenary sessions topics like ethic guidelines, contract issues, upcoming events and more were discussed. Each country group gave an insights into their research sites and the foreseen workplan. In two sessions the researchers split up in working groups: Modelling and GIS was one of them, the second group detailed the next steps in PRA (Participatory rural appraisal) and household surveys. The outcome of the working groups were brought back into plenary and it became evident what both groups need form each other to reach best common results.

Along with all these work issues team building had its important role in the workshop: During a walk into the countryside, a pub dinner and a nice lunch the researcher became to know each other in a more personal way. Now they are even more looking forward to the future work.

Also check CIATs post on the meeting.

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