Food security in a perfect storm

It’s accomplished – the first ASSETS publication is available:

Food security in a perfect storm: using the ecosystem services framework to increase understanding

The ASSETS authors are: G. M. Poppy, S. Chiotha, F. Eigenbrod, C. A. Harvey, M. Honzák, M. D. Hudson, A. Jarvis, N. J. Madise, K. Schreckenberg, C. M. Shackleton, F. Villa and T. P. Dawson

The paper is published in Philosophical Transactions B (volume 369 / number 1639). The issue is based on a Discussion Meeting held at the Royal Society on 3-4 December 2012 and provides a timely reminder about the role that science must play in achieving sustainable intensification (SI) of crop production. It reports the capacity for significant advances in the plant sciences that are already supporting advances internationally.

Screenshot 2014-02-24 13.14.06It also, however, reports analyses of the current status of human, ecological and environmental health in sub-Saharan Africa and reveals that we have a long way to go before SI can be fully realised. The issue further includes the ‘Kavli Declaration’, calling for a transformation in agricultural systems that focuses upon efficient resource use and the restoration and conservation of degraded lands to meet both our food production and environmental goals. It is edited by Guy Poppy, Paul Jepson, John Pickett and Michael Birkett.

Apart from the above mentioned paper the ASSETS team members Celia A. Harvey, Ferdinando Villa, Dalitso Kafumbata, Daniel Jamu, Sosten Chiotha, and Guy Poppy authored additional ecosystem service related papers in this issue.

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The print issue can be purchased at the reduced price of £35.00 (code TB 1639) at the Royal Society of London.

You may also be interested in Food security: feeding the world in 2050, an issue from our archive which is free to view.

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