“Science needs to be believable”

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From left to right: Dr Carlos Torres Vitolas (University of Southampton); Dr Simon Willcock (University of Southampton); Dr Daniela Russi (Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)); Dr Kate Schreckenberg (University of Southampton); Dr Felix Eigenbrod (University of Southampton); Dr James Dyke (University of Southampton); Professor Guy Poppy (University of Southampton); Dr Yvan Biot (UK Government Department for International Development (DFID), Dr Malcolm Hudson (University of Southampton); Dr Jim Wright (University of Southampton); Alison Simmance (University of Southampton); Dr Kirsten Probst (German Development Agency (GIZ)); Robert Matthews University of Bristol; Carolin Bothe- Tews (University of Southampton); and Dr Craig Hutton (University of Southampton)

“Science needs to be believable”, stated Yvan Biot of DFID during his talk at “Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation & World Water Day 2013”, University of Southampton.

The mix of speakers covered the very latest developments of ecosystem services activities nationally and internationally. A good discussion on how policy can apply this new field of research more comprehensively followed the talks. Plans on future collaborations were made.

It was the first year that the University of Southampton formally celebrated the international World Water Day and the ESPA (Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation) event certainly provided new insights into challenges, benefits and future opportunities for ‘water cooperation’. The entire day touched on all the multifaceted challenges re. water resource management and it was clear that a multidisciplinary approach is critical to bringing solutions to this pressing societal challenge.

Listen to interviews with the speakers Yvan Biot and Daniela Russi.

Presentations and videos:


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