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Reminiscing on my childhood days

LOS POLLITOS DICEN…. Los pollitos dicen, pío, pío, pío, cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frío. La gallina busca el maíz y el trigo, les da la comida y les da abrigo. Bajo sus dos alas se están quitecitos, y hasta el otro día duermen calentitos Those members of the ASSETS team who took part in the project workshop in Peru between […]

Welcome to Attaining Sustainable Services from Ecosystems Through trade-off Scenarios

The ASSETS project aims to explicitly quantify the linkages between ecosystem services that affect – and are affected by – food security and nutritional health for the rural poor at the forest-agricultural interface. The project proposes to integrate a suite of complexity tools and cutting edge models with more traditional participatory assessments in the field within a modified version of the Drivers-Pressures-States-Impacts-Response methodological framework to: identify how dynamic stocks and flows of ecosystem services at the landscape scale translate to local-level nutritional diets and health; and inform policy makers on how future land use and climate change will affect both food security and the ecosystem services associated with it.

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